Brevetti Angela S.R.L

Advanced Blow Fill seal manufacturing technologies from Brevetti Angela.
First ever patented Innovation from Brevetti Angela, Introducing Prefilled Syringes (PFS) on Blow fill seal (BFS)
BFS Machines for Large Volume Parental (LVP)
BFS Machines for Small Volume Parental (SVP) which can handle Heat sensitive Products (Vaccines etc.)
SVP for Ophthalmics with three piece eye drops applications, calibrated drop sizes, preservative-free bottles with the Ultraclean machine under cRABS designed to meet regulatory Requirements.
Brevetti Angela has the Patented Innovative Technology to manufactured on blow fill seal (BFS) in PP/PE with smallest footprints and eliminating human interventions employed in traditional syringe manufacturing.
One of its path-breaking innovation in Non-Pharma applications, Cyanoacrylate adhesives (Fevi-kwik manufactured by Pidilite India).