Brevetti Angela S.R.L

Capping Machine & Prefilled Syringe for Pharma Industry

BREVETTI ANGELA is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and follows a QUALITY POLICY to reach the highest

standards, as per Customer’s expectation. It has been closely collaborated with many in the pharmaceutical

industries to address their needs for primary packaging. Today, they are developing and supplying blow-fill-seal

equipment series called SYFPAC® and LIQUIDPAC and other packaging equipment, viz. FLUIPAC, CYNOPAC,


Today, there is a huge demand in pre-filled syringes. Even healthcare professionals recommend pre-filled syringes

because they not only reduce dosage error, but also the overall cost. Some of the unprecedented benefits of pre

filled syringes are -

  • They allow lower overfill, which reduces costs.
  • They are easy to use for patients & healthcare professionals.
  • Their use reduces the risk of contamination.

Besides that, the company also provides MECAS - “Machine for Eurohead Cap Assembling and Sealing,” which allows sealing of caps. The MECAS unit enables:

  • Assembling the Eurohead Cap from its basic components such as plastic caps, etc.
  • Placing the assembled cap onto the plastic bottle.
  • Sealing the cap to the bottle.

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