Marchesini Group

About Marchesini Group

The Marchesini Group is an Italian company founded in 1974. Since then, it has continued to grow, and today they are one of the leading forces in the pharmaceutical packaging sector. It is known for its complete solutions for packaging applications.

The Marchesini Group pursues its business model focused on sustainability and social and economic responsibility. It is indeed aware that the sustainability of its business, broadly speaking, is fundamental to create value for all of its stakeholders, ensuring the development not only of the Group but of the areas where it works too.

They design and produce a wide range of machines and complete packaging lines for the Pharmaceutical industry. Right from the initial certification process, the company’s quality management system has been given the highest priority in the Group’s global operational structure.


The Marchesini Group designs and builds stand-alone machines and customized lines for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It caters for the whole packaging process of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, from start to finish and creates stand-alone machines and complete lines to package products such as vials, syringes, capsules, bottles and blisters through to putting the individual products into bundles, cases and on pallets.

Aseptic & Liquid Machines

Serialization Machines

Vial Filling and Capping Machines

Powder & Solid Machines

Robot Machines

Primary Packaging Machines for Creams

Cream Machines

Pharma Secondary Packaging Machines

Cosmetic Secondary Packaging Machines

The Marchesini Group strives to satisfy the requests and the interests of its stakeholders; in other words, everyone (people, groups and organisations) connected to the company by economic relationships, interests of various kinds or because they are significantly affected by it.

Today, the Marchesini Group’s quality management system conforms with FDA and GMP guidelines and regulations to ensure good manufacturing practice throughout the whole productive process.