Primary packaging

Packaging needs no introduction! Packaging is one of the most important parts of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical products are packed in different types of packaging like ampules, vials, strips, blisters, syringes etc. Means, pharma products can be packaged in different shapes, sizes and styles.

Let us look at some of the common pharma packaging –

  • Ampoules - They are small sealed vials that are used for packaging liquid pharmaceuticals They are hermetically sealed and are more expensive than some other types of drug packaging.
  • Vials – Bigger than ampoules, they are mainly glass or plastic containers that are used for packaging liquids, solids, or powder dosages.
  • Blister Packs – These are mainly used for packaging solid unit doses of pharmaceuticals.
  • Bottles – These are used for packaging liquid pharmaceuticals.
  • Sachet Packaging – It is mainly a square or rectangular sealed pouch and used for packaging powder dosage.

We ensure all the safety standards are maintained. Our processes are transparent and standardized. We are dedicated to providing labeling, packaging & processing of pharma products.

We are the choice for the below vendors in India:

  1. Brevetti Angela S.R.L.
  2. Lameplast.
  3. Borimoli Rocco.
primary packaging

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