Over thirty-five years the Lameplast has been closely collaborating with companies around the world to best satisfy the demanding requirements of innovative packaging solutions & new plastic materials in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic applications designed according to customer specific needs.
Lameplast services
• Development of new primary containers
• Innovative and dedicated packaging
• New plastic materials testing
• Stereolithography prototyping
• Products designed according to the customer’s specific needs and sold on an exclusive basis
• Internal workshop for moulds manufacturing and maintenance
• Supplying with automatic and semi-automatic filling and sealing machines PENTAFILL™ for plastic containers
• Lameplast Production lines
• Sterile liquid products in single-dose and multi-dose containers
• Eye-care products
• Products for inhalation
• Nose and ear washes
• Non-sterile liquid products in single-dose and multi-dose containers Enema and micro-enema
• Vaginal douches
• Syrups and solutions for oral use
• Veterinary products
• Disinfectants and solutions for external use